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How to Sell Your House "As Is" At A Fair Price
On The Date Of Your Choice...

If you want to sell your house quickly and easily read this important message. You may discover the perfect solution... Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. That's why real estate agents make thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on a single sale, but when we buy your house, there are no fees or commissions to pay.

Listing with an agent or for sale by owner--The difference between us and a real estate agent is that an agent will list your house...hoping it sells within 6 or 12 months. We want to help you move on with your life and can do things much quicker. And when you're the one with the house for sale, that's a huge difference!

People who've never tried to sell a home themselves just don't seem to understand all that's involved. The details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring. Having total strangers walking through your bedroom. Strangers that feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your interior decorating tastes. People who nod and act serious, but never call back.

An agent lists five, ten, even dozens of houses at a time and it's rare if an agent can give all of their properties their close personal attention. It's no wonder that a listed home can sometimes take a long time to sell while you, the owner, are stuck maintaining the property and making house payments month after month. What's your alternative? Of course, you could just sell it yourself, without an agent. After all, who knows more about the house than you do?

What happens if you need to move fast?

You could lower your price and hope that someone will steal your house, but can you afford to do that? You could go ahead and move out, leave it with an agent--every month continuing to make your mortgage payments. Hoping and praying that next month someone will buy your house.

What if it's sitting vacant? Who's going to look after it while you're gone? Who will keep it looking good for prospective buyers and make sure that no one vandalizes it? Frankly, that's more worry and aggravation than most people need in a lifetime. We have a better solution to your problem....

If your property qualifies and we make an appointment to come and see it, we can provide you with a written offer. We'll explain everything in easy to understand language. We'll be direct and honest with you from start to finish. If we come to an agreement, we can pay all cash with no contingencies because, unlike most potential buyers, we don't have to sell another house first. And if you want, we can close in just a few days. We'll handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements...and you can get on with your life!

We don't know the reasons for your selling, but we do know how to get your house closed quickly and professionally. Imagine, by this time next week your house could be sold! Can we really do this so easily and quickly? Maybe---maybe not--a lot depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, don't bother calling us. We're professionals and expect to make a fair profit. But, we're not out to steal your house. Our profit comes from the future buyer or tenant. Does your property meet our requirements? Call us and let's find out. We buy all types of properties and we can quickly determine if your house fits our program. If we don't end up buying your house, we'll be happy to share our ideas or advice on what your other options might be. You have nothing to lose by calling us first. If you want to learn more or need to speak with someone right away you can call us at 719.200.7330 and ask for Dave or Bonnie.



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