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6050 Stetson Hills Blvd
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Investing in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2003
6050 Stetson Hills Blvd Ste. 214 Colorado Springs, CO 80923 | Email

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Can you really sell your house today? We may not be able to draw up the paperwork and finalize an agreement. But, if you are willing to make a quick call and answer a few questions, you may qualify for a yes, and sell in a few short days. Just think, in a few short days you could be worry free, debt free, or on your way to a more secure feeling. By using existing loans, or by paying all cash or some cash, we may be able to structure a winning solution to help meet your needs. If you can’t wait to get started read the rest of our FREE Special Report on “How to Sell your House on the Date of your choice.” 

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No way! Yes, with our flexible program you can qualify to buy a nice home in a nice neighborhood. Just think, in a few short days you could be living in a great home. Even when you thought you never could. With a small down payment and some good job and personal references you could be in your own home. If you are willing to make one quick call, we could start a process that will lead to a new life in a new location… your own home! If you want to get started now read our FREE Special Report “How to buy a home with little down and no bank qualifying."

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We also sell houses that are completely remodeled. These houses are practicaly brand new!  We have two to three of these at any given time.  We also have several in the process of being remodeled. Just think, if you were to contact us about one of our upcoming remodels  --you get the jump on all the other buyers. Also we could remodel  it to meet your desires and you could pick all your own colors. Almost like having a custom house built for you.  To see our current homes just click HERE or email us about upcoming remodels.


- Teri

"I have worked with Dave and Bonnie Van Gorder in closing real estate transactions and they are both very professional and knowledgeable of the real estate profession and the different methods for purchasing homes. I would give my full endorsement to Van Gorder Investments and thank them for all of their help."


“Pat and Linda needed to move but could not sell their house. Linda had health problems and had been advised to move to a warmer climate. They had family in Arizona and decided to move from Colorado Springs to Arizona. After several months of trying the “For Sale by Owner” signs, Pat saw one of Dave and Bonnie’s ads in the paper. He called and within a few days Dave & Bonnie had made it possible for Pat to make his move to Arizona. “They did everything they said they were going to, and it has worked out real well for me.”

- Pat & Linda

“When no one else would help us out, Dave & Bonnie were there for us. Thanks so much for everything.”

-Scott & Kristi

“We just wanted to send you a line of thanks for helping us out when no one else would. You met with us when it was convenient for us and gave us hope. You believed in us and lent us a hand when others just wouldn’t take the time. You and your company are the best thing that happened to us. Without you we may have never seen the light of day again. Thanks a million, we couldn’t have made it without your help.”

- Kym & Christa

“In their dealings with me, Dave & Bonnie have always shown the utmost honesty and integrity and have always acted in the most professional manner.”



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