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Van Gorder
Investments, Inc.

Dave and Bonnie
Van Gorder


6050 Stetson Hills Blvd
Ste 214 Colorado Springs,
CO 80923



Investing in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2003
6050 Stetson Hills Blvd Ste. 214 Colorado Springs, CO 80923 | Email

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Dave & Bonnie Van Gorder: Owners and Operators

Van Gorder Investments, LLC is associated with a group of private investors that buy homes and then help people get into their own home through a rent to own or owner financing program in Colorado Springs, CO. We've found that many people have to bring cash to the table in order to sell their homes and over 60% of people wanting to purchase homes are not eligible for mortgages.

We wanted a better way to buy and sell homes while at the same time create a win-win solution for sellers and our clients trying to get into their own home.Our company specializes in creative financing. Our involvement with you and your property is to help others realize the American Dream of home ownership while at the same time helping you to solve the problem of how to sell your property.


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